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Andre Thierry, a gifted composer and accordion virtuoso, created a musical program for youth. The program combines traditional and newly composed music, exploring the Kreole culture and Zydeco, the music of Southwest Louisiana. A relatively new genre of world music, having come about as a style of its own in only the mid-1900s.


The first program, "Zydeco For Children," was launched in March 2012 with Performing Stars of Marin in Marin City, California. Andre's dedication to the Marin City children's music education and performances continued through October 2016.


The commitment to music education continues to evolve with the “Are You Ready To Learn” music program offering interactive ways to share a mix of African, and Native American Blues, French dance melodies, and elements of Afro-Caribbean music. The instruments introduced are the vest rub boards, drums, and accordion, all popular Zydeco instruments.


Andre introduces music, creative collaborations, and composing works the children can process. The music programs provide cross-curricular and experiential learning opportunities with assemblies and workshops.  The curriculum ranges from a simple introduction to complete rhythmic activities that involve listening and guessing games to advancing into music vocabulary, creating a song with the artist, and planning their recital for parents. His influence has been incredible in connecting with the youth bringing music, culture, and confidence. Since 2012, Andre has reached thousands of children through school programs, summer camps, libraries, and museums.

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This extraordinary individual’s noble commitment to the Kreole culture and his mission to reach new generations by providing musical experiences is filled with traditions and sounds that have been passed forward.  He has embraced his role and the significance it plays for future generations. 


Andre's desire to make a positive impact is in giving voice to the benefits culture provides by sharing his Accordion Soul music, allowing his work to expand and support music education for children.



Clifton Chenier

Boozoo Chavis

Beau Jocque

The People Who Play Zydeco Music 

To understand any genre of music, you must first understand the makers of that genre. Zydeco is the music of Southwest Louisiana’s French Kreoles, a group of people of mixed African, Afro-Caribbean, Native American, and European descent. The Kreole society that begets Zydeco is traditionally rural, French-speaking, and somewhat intertwined with the Cajun culture.


Pioneers in Zydeco music such as Amédé Ardoin, Clifton Chenier, Boozoo Chavis, and Beau Jocque have paved the way for GRAMMY Nominated Andre Thierry’s Accordion Soul music signature sounds today.


Musical Instruments

• The Accordion is one of the most well-known instruments used in Zydeco. The musician controls the sound by squeezing air in or out of one side of the instrument while playing the keys of the small keyboard on the other.


• The Rub-Board, a rippling piece of metal and spoons, is just one of many modern instruments made from everyday items. Clifton Chenier is credited with redesigning the wood and crimped tin washboard into the frottoir, an instrument that would easily hang from the shoulders.


• More instruments used to play Zydeco music are the drums, guitar, and fiddle.

Are you interested in booking the AYRTL music program for your school, summer camp, library, or other children's events?


ARE YOU READY TO LEARN is a program of ANDRE THIERRY, POWERED By MUSIC, and is fiscally sponsored by Independent Arts & Media, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. This allows us to offer you tax deductions for your contributions.



Mail a check or money order (no cash), payable to the Independent Arts & Media, and write POWERED By MUSIC in the memo line. This ensures your acknowledgment letter for tax purposes, and your donation will be available for the ARE YOU READY TO LEARN with ANDRE THIERRY, POWERED By MUSIC, children's music education programs, and music events.


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